A Cat Finds Her Family After 10 Years Of Absence, A true Miracle!

Mimi, a cat lost for 10 years, will find her master. But this time, it will be in his family's new home.

A Cat Finds Her Family After 10 Years Of Absence, A true Miracle!

Despite the condition in which she was found, this cat is still in good health and is on the way to a full recovery, returning to her former appearance. But also to start her new life with Patch, Tiny and Groot, the three cats who re-adopted her into their family after losing her.

Richard Price, who decided to live in the European country with his wife after retiring, couldn't believe his cat was alive after searching for her for 10 years. “My God, she’s alive, it’s fantastic!” was his first reaction after receiving the call from the animal shelter.

“We were both delighted and horrified. I wish our cat could talk and tell us what she went through,” added Ms. Price.

The miracle !

This cat disappeared in July 2013 when she ran away from a relative who was caring for her. All searches then remained in vain. Unfortunately, Mimi was not in good health.

A Cat Finds Her Family After 10 Years Of Absence, A true Miracle!

She hadn't had enough to eat and her fur was very matted. “It looked like armor, it was in such bad shape.

For this reason, the staff cleaned her and cut her fur to relieve her of this weight. Then, they were able to identify her, because she had a microchip. They were able to find its owner. Now 13 years old, the cat is still healthy and recovering.

What do you need to know about your cat to prevent it from running away?

Cats are territorial animals with a certain pride and, like humans, they need their personal space to feel comfortable. They take advantage of this space outside the house to hunt or walk with other cats, thus meeting a social need.

They go exploring from time to time to entertain themselves or mark their territory. This is completely normal, so there is no need to worry. Cats often come home when they are hungry or when it is dark.

They may also go out looking for a mate during mating season. This phenomenon is more common in females than in males.