Her Dog Barks At The Pregnant Woman, The Doctor Sees The Ultrasound And Calls The Police

This woman's dog keeps barking at her during her pregnancy! She finally found out the reason after an ultrasound!

Her Dog Barks At The Pregnant Woman, The Doctor Sees The Ultrasound And Calls The Police

Like other domestic animals, canines are known for their proximity to humans. They can form an indescribable bond with their owners once they trust them. Their dedication and loyalty are unwavering. This is what Shanna and Ricky experienced with their dog. The latter notably began to behave strangely when his mistress became pregnant! A truly unusual story that you will discover right away!

This Dog Was Acting Weird While His Owner Was Pregnant!

Shanna and Ricky became a couple and have known each other for years. The young man's past was a bit mysterious but that didn't stop the young woman from falling under his spell. It was therefore normal that the two lovebirds got married and made the decision to start a family.

Shanna became pregnant with her first child only a few months after their union. It was at that moment that their peaceful daily life began to become complicated, particularly between the future mother and her dog Keola. The latter kept acting strangely when he was near his mistress.

The dog would sometimes start licking Shanna's belly. And worse, he was starting to show his teeth and becoming aggressive. It even happened that he would bark on his mistress's stomach as if he wanted to warn her of something.

The dog's confusing behavior eventually alerted Shanna. She mainly started to doubt the health of her baby. The young woman therefore decided to consult a doctor in order to get answers!

The authorities are involved!

Once they arrived at the hospital, medical professionals performed numerous examinations on Shanna. However, they did not detect any problem in either the mother or her baby. And yet, the dog continued to act the same way with his mistress.

So Shanna and Ricky decided to ignore their dog and focused more on the arrival of their baby. But they ended up changing their minds at 23 weeks of the young woman's pregnancy. The latter suddenly felt unbearable pain in her back.

Alerted by the situation, her husband took her to the hospital in no time. And even though the traffic made it difficult for him, he ended up calling an ambulance because they were running out of time. In addition, his wife was beginning to suffer terribly.

The authorities are involved!
In the emergency room, the situation took a different turn. The doctor who took care of Shanna contacted the police after doing an ultrasound. As for her husband, he had to go to the police station to identify suspects.

The reason for the dog's weird behavior!

Everything became even more complicated for the couple until the doctor and the police explained the situation to them. The ultrasound mainly turned out to be suspicious because the doctor discovered a medical chip in Shanna's stomach. It is an electronic object whose role is to regulate drug treatments that the dog has detected.

The dog was indeed aware of the existence of this illegal gadget from the start. Medical professionals, of course, removed the medical chip in Shanna’s stomach. Currently, the little family is doing wonderfully! The couple was able to welcome their baby named Giulia.