Woman Adopts Blind Puppy And Her Other Dog Becomes Her Guide Dog

Woman Adopts Blind Puppy And Her Other Dog Becomes Her Guide Dog

Woman Adopts Blind Puppy And Her Other Dog Becomes Her Guide Dog

Dogs are considered man's best friend, but in the case of dogs themselves, they are his best friend.

Indeed, when two dogs unite, they always rely on each other for protection and guidance.

27-year-old Jess watched two dogs grow up to be best friends, united by the need to help each other. It all started when she decided to adopt a blind dog from the shelter where she worked. Because of his disability, families who visited the shelter looking for a pet paid him no attention.

Woman adopts blind puppy and her other dog becomes her guide dog

The puppy was named Amos and his personality was quite friendly. But, that also worried Jess. She had another dog at home that she had adopted some time ago, called Toby. However, this one had not learned to socialize with other animals, because he had been adopted in a kennel.

Poor Amos was struggling to find the right amount of food and water in his new home. But Toby didn't close his eyes to his canine companion's predicament. He then approached him to guide him to what he was looking for.

This scenario repeated itself one day when Jess went for a walk with the two dogs.

While Toby held on to the leash and was quite confident, Amos watched his steps so he didn't trip, even stopping at times. When this happened, Toby would lie next to him until Amos felt able to continue.

Since then, Toby has become Amos's guide in everything. He accompanies her on walks in the parks and helps her find her way. He also protects him when other dogs approach and Amos feels threatened by them.

Through her awareness of Amos' situation, Jess not only changed Amos' life, but that of her other dog, Toby, and even her own. The proof that even with a handicap, the moments of happiness and the capacity for love of these animals can only multiply.

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