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Here Are The Top 10 Things Not To Do At The Vet

Here Are The Top 10 Things Not To Do At The Vet

Here Are The Top 10 Things Not To Do At The Vet

Here are the 10 things we always do when we take our dog or cat to the vet.
We reveal in this article a list of suggestions of things not to do when you go to the veterinarian . And that many forget during appointments .

10 things not to do at the vet

1. Don't be ungrateful.

Indeed, if the veterinarian does a great job, say thank you. Your attitude will be reflected on future visits with details from the clinic or vet in question about you and your pet .

2. Do not ask that your animal

be euthanized because it has become a burden on you. Image and ethics are bad. In addition, it is up to the professional to choose whether or not to euthanize your animal.

3. Also, if your animal is particularly aggressive,

please tell the receptionist when making the appointment.

4. Do not let your pets

roam freely in the hall. Pets must actually be kept on a leash. This is not a moment of conviviality. In addition, other animals may be aggressive, frightened or sick. After all, this is an animal hospital.

5. Don't ask the vet questions about your own health.

Indeed, the veterinarian is not a doctor and is not trained in human medicine.

6. Also, do not entrust your teenager

with the task of taking your sick animal to the vet. Especially if he doesn't know why you sent him there. It is up to the owner of the animal to move. In addition, the veterinarian needs your presence to talk to you so that he can properly treat your animal.

7. If you have financial worries and your pet is sick or has had an accident. Be proactive and purchase veterinary insurance for dogs or cats. This will effectively cover your veterinary bills up to €1,000.

8. On the other hand,

don't jump into your pet's vaccination program blindly . Ask your veterinarian which vaccines are needed for your pet.

9. Don't spend all your money on expensive brand name drugs .

Indeed, there are generics that are often just as effective. On the other hand, it is in the diagnostics that you must spend your money. After all, if you can't effectively diagnose the disease or condition, how successful do you think the treatment will be?

10. Finally, don't continue with the same vet

if you don't like them. There are many good and very good vets out there. Consult them on the internet and make an appointment.

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