FINAL Ranking Of The 10 Trendiest Dog Breeds

FINAL Ranking Of The 10 Trendiest Dog Breeds

What are the most loved and most fashionable dogs? Let's try to draw up a top ten of the dogs most on the crest of the wave of the moment.
Dogs are known to be man's best friend. But we know well that although there is one species, there are many dog ​​breeds: from huge dogs like Great Danes to tiny ones like Chihuahuas, just to talk about size. And then there are the character, the "specializations" that each race has and so on. So what are the hottest dog breeds? The data varies somewhat from country to country. To draw up this ranking from the Italian point of view, we can keep in mind the data of the registrations of the Italian National Cynophile Body. In practice, the dog registry which is a sort of litmus test of which are the most popular breeds.

FINAL Ranking Of The 10 Trendiest Dog Breeds

1- German shepherd

The German Shepherd continues to be the most loved dog. No doubt a large part of this success is due to his character, which, together with his undeniable beauty, make him a unique dog. Cheerful, fond of playing, very easy to train and always eager to please his owner. In fact, it is suitable for everyone, including children, and is good both as a pet and as a working dog. He loves to live indoors as he needs human contact. He also needs to exercise a lot.

2- English setter

The English Setter has very remote origins and can live both at home and in the garden, provided it is often taken to run. It is a cheerful, lively dog, very affectionate and attached to its master. He is an affectionate dog with children and good with other dogs. All elements that have made him one of the most fashionable dogs of recent years.

3- Labrador retrievers

If you are looking for a nice, cheerful and playful dog then the Labrador Retriever is the one for you. But be careful: he is indeed a very sweet and good dog, but that does not mean that he is suitable for everyone. It is good to find out about the characteristics of this breed because it is true that it is a dog that lives very well at home, but it is also necessary to see if the house will be able to resist it (at least for the entire period of youth it is furious!). The Labrador retriever loves to have fun and this is splendid, but be careful if there are children in the house, because he could overwhelm them like twigs in his playful impetus.

4- Chihuahuas

It is the smallest dog in the world, but he doesn't know it and therefore acts like a large dog. So it is not uncommon to see a microscopic Chihuahua attacking a Great Dane! His character is cheerful and very dynamic. And don't be fooled by its small size: it is a robust and very long-lived dog.

5- Golden retrievers

It is the furry "cousin" of the Labrador retriever. These are dogs with a truly exceptional character, which are great for children, but also for the elderly because they know how to be very sweet and very calm. Don't leave him alone for a long time: he needs human company, to feel part of the family (his "pack") and loves to participate in everything that is done at home and outside, as long as with his humans.

6- Jack Russell Terriers

Ready for an earthquake in mini format? The Jack Russell Terrier has the typical characteristics of the Terriers: therefore he is lively, alert, active, intelligent, always eager to do something. In practice he is fearless and if he has to go on an adventure he does it without any problem. After all, the Reverend Jack Russell who created the breed (hence the name) in the 19th century, wanted a dog capable of running and going underground to flush out foxes and other animals that were hunted. He succeeded in full.

7- American Staffordshire Terriers

No, it is not a «killer dog» (after all, none exist due to genetic predisposition, but they are trained to kill: therefore – as always! – it is not the dog's fault, but the man's). These are very robust and long-lived dogs that have no particular weaknesses. It is a companion dog, sociable and friendly. Since he is docile and very intelligent, he can be easily trained (but I recommend: don't educate him to be "bad").

8- Rottweilers

Let's face it right away: the Rottweiler is a dog with a strong temperament and is not suitable for everyone. Having said this, it must be emphasized that it is a fundamentally good and loyal dog, which is very happy at home, since it is so attached to its family. If on the one hand he is the most powerful defense dog, on the other he is also very balanced and safe.

9- Boxers

Did you know that he is considered the «best four-legged babysitter in the world»? Yes, Boxer breed dogs are very sweet with children, cheerful, playful and friends of all, but if someone dares to endanger the safety of his master or his property, there can be serious trouble.

10- Border Collies

He is considered to be one of the smartest dogs, but his popularity has been declining lately. Perhaps because he is a very dynamic dog who never stands still and this can create some problems. Reason why it's not suitable for elderly people or people who lead a sedentary life, while it's perfect for children and teenagers: they'll have a lot of fun together!