This Dog Thinks Of Walking In The Woods, His Mistress Will Commit The Unforgivable

This Dog Thinks Of Walking In The Woods, His Mistress Will Commit The Unforgivable

This dog thinks of walking in the woods, his mistress will commit the unforgivable

This dog was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​walking in the forest! He was far from suspecting that his owner was going to do!

Canines are loyal animals that are very faithful to their masters. They can bring them security, appeasement or simply companionship. And yet, some people still manage to do the unthinkable to these exceptional animals despite their kindness and benevolence. This dog named Henry experienced it when his owner left him alone in a parking lot!

The mistress of this dog abandons him cruelly!

It was a day like any other that Henry took a road trip with his mistress . The 13-year-old dog was excited to spend time with his owner. He was far from imagining the fate that the latter reserved for him.

The dog and its owner therefore stopped in a parking lot. Henry was quick to get out as soon as the car parked. He was happy that he could walk in the forest.

The dog and his mistress therefore began to walk a specific path. The two were heading towards the edge of the forest when suddenly an unexpected situation occurred. Henry's mother suddenly turned back, running in a hurry to her vehicle .

The dog meanwhile saw nothing coming and only looked at his mother. He therefore remained there, confused by the bizarre behavior of his mistress. The being in whom he put all his trust had just abandoned him in a cruel way .

The unforgivable act of his mistress!

The person who was supposed to be the dog's best friend got back in his car. And that, without a last look at the one who has been his best friend for years. Henry didn't realize her attentions until she started the vehicle .

The dog therefore tried to catch up with the car but was unable to do so. At some point, he sees his former owner walking around the parking lot. Then, Henry sees him leaving the parking lot for good.

The dog was therefore left to fend for himself in the parking lot. Bewildered and terrified, he simply sat up watching his former mother retreat . But fortunately, this nightmare will not last forever!

The dog did not move an inch in the parking lot . He kept hoping that his mistress would come back for him. However, he eventually got used to the idea that she wouldn't come back as time passed.

The dog has been placed in a shelter!

After wandering around alone for a while, the dog luckily crossed paths with his rescuers. Henry was notably discovered by two caring women. The latter gave the canine all their affection so that it would not be afraid. But, they also made sure that the animal did not give itself up and without anyone.

The two women therefore made the decision to help the dog. They contacted an animal shelter where Henry could take shelter immediately. Currently, he is looking for a new family to adopt him. Notice to amateurs!