The 5 Most Widespread And Appreciated Feline Breeds

We are certain that for all animal lovers, as well as for us at Dogs Cats Pet, the distinction between common cats and purebred cats makes no difference . 

Whether you choose to adopt a cat from a litter of friends, from a shelter, from the street, or from a breeder, in any case you will always find an adorable little ball in the house in need of care , attention and respect . And every cat, in his own way, if treated well, will be able to reciprocate your love. 

Having said this, if you are curious or if you have a passion for a specific feline breed, we believe it is advisable to know its characteristics, needs and specific habits well , before choosing the type of animal that will become part of the family.
In fact, if for common cats what makes the difference is more the specific character of each individual animal, purebred cats can be more or less associated with similar characteristics in terms of behavior and habits and needs. Without prejudice, of course, to the fact that even in this case the individual character brings its own variability to the case. 

That's why in this article, far from being exhaustive , we wanted to tell you about some of the most widespread and loved breeds among Italians . Thus, if you decide to adopt a purebred kitten, you will have the tools to make a more informed choice. 

Let's see them below:



This cat comes from Iran and is certainly one of the most widespread and loved breeds. It is distinguished by the elegant bearing and the beauty of the coat which can vary from cream to black, and by the characteristic round and clear eyes. 

As a character, the Persian is a very calm, calm, calm and routine cat . He can also be kind and affectionate with his master, and for this reason he is also very appreciated for his company. He loves domestic life and always finding a ready meal, but he also needs moments of solitude. 

It has a life expectancy of about 15 years, and as a special care it needs to be brushed often because the coat is thick and dense and tends to form knots. Furthermore, if ingested in large quantities it can lead to health problems. 



Of Asian origin, it is one of the oldest feline breeds. It is characterized by the short and light coat , which leaves room for a beautiful contrast of a dark color (from brown to black) on the tip of the muzzle, the ears, and the legs. 

The Siamese is very possessive towards his master , while he tends to be very shy with strangers and does not like living with other animals , not even cats. Furthermore he is a very lively cat , who always needs to play , attention and to be stimulated. It is certainly not the classic lazy and sly cat, and this characteristic must be kept in mind.

A curiosity: it is also called a "talking cat" because of the frequent and various meows it often emits to capture the attention of its humans. 



This animal owes its name to the fact that it is considered sacred and revered by Burmese monks. 

It is distinguished by a very light coat, medium-long hair , and by the typical intense blue eyes without equal. The light coat contrasts with some areas that are typically darker, such as the muzzle, ears, legs and tail. 

The Burmese is characterized by an extremely affectionate and sociable character . He tends to establish a very intense relationship of love and trust with the family he lives with . He is playful and very cuddly , even as an adult, and loves being in the company of children and other pets. On the other hand, if left alone for long enough periods of time, he tends to suffer a lot from loneliness. 



This breed probably descends from the British Shorthair which in turn derives from the European cat. This animal has short and thick fur, gray streaked with black . And its size is important compared to others. 

His nature is characterized by a marked intelligence , but at the same time calm , tranquility and kindness . This kitty is playful and sociable, especially with children. 

The only thing to pay attention to: being a skilled climber and very suited to hunting , the ideal would be to be able to provide him with a life that is divided between home and garden. Or, in any case, equip yourself to let him vent and toddle outdoors or at least once in a while. 



As the name tells us, this cat is originally from northern Russia. It is an animal that over the years has trained and adapted to resist cold climates. Its coat is thick and elegant , but despite this, the Siberian is often chosen because it is considered "hypoallergenic" compared to the hair of other felines. His build is robust , but at the same time he is a very agile cat . 

His quintessential passion is hunting , and he loves adventure, freedom and the outdoors very much . For this reason he is recommended only to those who can allow him to live well and indulge in his nature. 

Despite this side of his character, the Siberian is also a sweet, affectionate and playful cat , and for this reason an excellent company.

There are many other widespread and appreciated breeds, and we always recommend that you inquire about their characteristics before adopting an animal.

In any case, whatever cat you choose to adopt, whether purebred or not, remember that it is always necessary to register it in the feline registry office , also recognized by the Ministry of Health, and to do this, provide the animal with a microchip. But there's no need to worry: the vet will take care of this practice.

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