The Signs That Show That The Dog Is Happy

What are the signs that show that the dog is happy?

"How do I understand that my dog ​​is fine?", "How can I be sure that in my relationship with him I act correctly and that he has a good life with me that makes him happy?". These are questions dog owners often ask themselves.

The chances of your dog being happy are very high, especially if you keep him on the go and he is healthy. You will achieve this result not only by spending at least a few hours a day playing with the dog, but also by feeding it properly. In this respect, we will never tire of underlining it, acorrect nutrition of the dog is absolutely crucial for his physical and mental health and, consequently, for his state of mind. Finally, a conclusive explanation regarding your pet's happiness is also given by the hormonal picture.

Since all dogs are descended from wolves, they all communicate in a similar way, namely with body language (nose or tail movements) and sounds.

However it should be noted that the members of some dog breeds due to their appearance resulting from various crosses, including the docked tail, in certain circumstances are no longer understood well even by subjects of their own species.

Furthermore, the dog has learned to smile only from man, in fact among wolves showing their teeth is even considered a sign of aggression. However, today's dog has adapted so much to his masters that he sometimes shows his teeth in greeting.

The Signs That Show That The Dog Is Happy

Below we indicate a couple of signs that show that the dog is happy.

1- Tail wags

When the dog is happy, its tail swings from left to right and describes an angle of about 120 degrees. In dogs with short, docked or curled tails, it is the root of the tail that is most revealing. In dogs with short tails, it is often the entire back of the body that moves.

2- The pupils are dilated

From the dilated pupils you can tell if the dog is happy for some reason, similarly to the man whose pupils dilate when he sees something beautiful or that makes him happy.

However, of course the very appearance of the eyes is decisive: if they are bright and lively, you can be very sure that the dog is fine.

3- He wags his tail and wants to get your attention

A bouncing gait, relaxed tail posture and normally pricked ears generally indicate that the dog is happy. Sometimes dogs express their joy by wagging their tails, also associating being close to their master.

4- Nonchalant behavior

Even from behaviors such as hopping around, running in circles, a short bark and the like you can tell that the dog is in a very good mood.

5- Asks you to play together

When your dog is fine, he will also show it with the invitation to play.

The dog invites you, for example, by making short jumps in the air with its front paws parallel. Get infected by his desire to go wild and play with him until he's tired.

However remember that the real invitation to the game must come from you, as the highest in rank.

6- Focuses on you and the task you set for him

If you keep the dog adequately occupied so that he is always busy, through the concentration on the man and on the task that he has given him to do, the dog will show how happy he is to play in company and to experience that moment for himself. It is more of a joy conditioned by the circumstance that he is experiencing.

7- He's a cuddler

Of course, the dog is also happy when he goes to his master for cuddles.

8- Look for the proximity of the master

If he seeks your closeness it is clear that he is happy to be near you. He shows this by coming up to you regularly or even just lying quietly next to you while watching TV, for example.

If he is peacefully lying down or sleeping next to you, it means that he feels good when you are together.

9- He hands you his paw

This gesture can also have the value of a request. In fact, when the dog extends its paw, it often does so to ask or calm the master, but it may also want to express the joy of being next to him.

10- The dog's reaction when you come home

With his behavior when you open the front door, he shows how happy he is to see you again. The dog is happy to see you even if you are only gone for 20 minutes. His joy is sometimes so great and irrepressible as if you hadn't seen each other for an eternity. This shouldn't be surprising: the reason is that you as his master make him happy.

We wish you and your dog much happiness together. Always be aware thattaking care of a dog  also means filling your daily life with immense satisfaction.
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