Gone For Three Days, Cat Returns Home With A Debt

Gone For Three Days, Cat Returns Home With A Debt

Dopo essere sparito da casa per ben tre giorni, un gatto torna con un debito da saldare…

  • In Thailand, a cat  has disappeared from home  and then returned with a debt
  • At first, the owner thought he had been seated by some neighbor
  • When he didn't see him come back, he was worried
  • After 72 hours , the cat returned home, with a new collar and a note mentioning a debt
  • The owner captured the moment and immediately shared it on Facebook
Animals are an important part of many people's lives, and some of them are very "adventurous", especially cats . A clear example is what happened to a Thai cat , who disappeared from home for three days and then returned with a debt .

The owner thought his furry friend had gone to one of the neighboring houses. However, when he found out that his neighbors hadn't seen the cat anywhere, he worried . After 72 hours of waiting, to his great joy, the cat returned home, with a small "surprise".

An "indebted" cat

At the sight of his friend, the owner immediately took some photos to celebrate the moment of joy. In the images, we see the cat sitting outside his house, after having disappeared for three days: the cat also sports a new collar , with a note mentioning a debt . On the note, obviously written in Thai, we read the following: " His cat kept looking at the mackerel in my tent, so I gave him three " .

The note was accompanied by the address of the fish shop and the amount of the "debt": 180 baht (about 5 euros), which the grateful owner of the cat soon paid. Immediately after, she shared pictures and his story through a post on his Facebook profile , which immediately went viral , commenting on the photos with the following caption: “Lost three days, returned with debts. Nice nose, right? " .

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