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Every owner of a dog must take care of the health of his animal. But this can represent a substantial budget, especially when you have a dog breed that is particularly sensitive to certain diseases. So that his four-legged companion can benefit from regular monitoring by a veterinarian, it is better to opt for adog insurance and choose the most suitable coverage. It is a good idea to carry out a free simulation to be able to compare the proposals of mutual companies for pets.

Why should you insure your purebred dog with an animal mutual insurance company?

Dogs are not all equal when it comes to canine pathologies. Some breeds are considered particularly robust while others are more affected by certain diseases. Knowing the specifics of his animal allows the owner to choose dog insurance that offers sufficient coverage .

Let's not forget that insuring your faithful companion with an animal mutual insurance company is the best solution to be reimbursed for veterinary costs , totally or at least partially. This is a significant guarantee that allows the master to have his animal treated even if his budget does not allow it. A sick dog may require significant care and examinations that are very expensive. Neglecting the health of your dog for a question of money can be dramatic because in the absence of support the animal weakens, suffers, and the disease progresses. Certain canine pathologies can be life-threatening if the animal is not treated.

Main canine pathologies and dog breeds

Many diseases are more commonly contracted by purebred dogs. Some of them are briefly presented below.

Hip Dysplasia in Large Dogs

Also called coxo-femoral dysplasia , this joint disease of genetic origin is one of the redhibitory vices . It can be extremely disabling as it causes paralysis of the hindquarters . It usually requires surgery under general anesthesia. The dogs most affected by hip dysplasia are, for example, the Saint Bernard, the German Shepherd, the Great Dane, the Bobtail, the Golden Retriever or even the Labrador.

Aujeszky's disease in hunting dogs

These athletic dogs are particularly vulnerable because they are more exposed than their other congeners to this serious pathology also called pseudorabies. Of viral origin, this overwhelming disease is transmitted to the dog by simple contact with an infected wild boar. The purebred dogs most exposed to Aujeszky's disease are, among others, the Great Blue of Gascony, all types of Spaniels, Braques or the Persian Greyhound. Cerebral congestion and myoglobinuria are two other pathologies that particularly affect hunting dogs .

Infectious Hepatitis in Small Dogs

This form of hepatitis is a viral disease that kills 20% of small breed dogs infected with canine adenovirus type 1. Simple contact with feces, urine or saliva is enough to contaminate a dog. Among the small breeds most affected by infectious hepatitis are the Cavalier King Charles, the Chihuahua, the French Bulldog, the Yorkshire or the Shi Tzu, the Jack Russel and the Dachshund.

Skin cancer in hairless dogs

Skin tumors are sometimes difficult to diagnose because they can manifest themselves in different forms. However, skin cancer kills 1 out of 2 purebred dogs , and can affect 50% of dogs aged 10 and over. Hairless dogs are particularly at risk of developing skin cancer, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors during the hottest hours of the day. This pathology can also affect other canine breeds such as the Labrador, the Beauceron, the Boxer, the Bichon, the Doberman or the Dachshund and the Poodle (even more so if he is shaved).

Whitewash, common in the German Shepherd

Whitewash is a disease of viral origin that more specifically affects the German Shepherd. It weakens the animal's defenses and causes a series of symptoms such as high fever, vomiting, shortness of breath, cough, runny nose or even conjunctivitis. To protect his German Shepherd against this contagious disease, the master has every interest in having his dog vaccinated .

Protect your purebred dog with dog insurance

There are many other illnesses that can affect both puppies and adult dogs. To protect the health of his animal , the master must submit his companion once a year to a veterinarian so that a health check can be carried out. This is the best way to play the prevention card. He should also not neglect the vaccination of his dog so that it is even better protected. Taking out an insurance contract for purebred dogs is a wise decision that allows you to take care of your pet. A well cared for dog lives longer .

Free simulation and online quote request

The free online simulation is very useful to get an idea of ​​theprice of dog insurance and extent of coverage . This will take only few minutes. All you have to do is complete this specific form, specifying for example the breed of the dog , its sex, its age, or even the email address of the owner who will be able, through this, to receive different quotes.
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