The Foundation That Helps Pets Displaced By The Conflict Between Ukraine And Russia

The Foundation That Helps Pets Displaced By The Conflict BetweenUkraine And Russia

The ugly bombings that are hitting Ukraine are forcing many people to evacuate from their city, taking everything they need with them. Many of them prefer not to leave anything, including their pets, taking them with them to the borders. There are many photos circulating, in which we can see families running away with their animals, and some have even decided to bring their little fish with them inside a small aquarium. For this reason, this animal protection foundation, Casa Lui Patrocle, is giving its help to cope with any problems of citizens with their animals.

He Patrocles House

The Casa Lui Patrocle foundation is located in Romania, in Suceava, 40 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. Given the bad situation Ukrainian families are going through, the association wanted to make its contribution by helping families who would like to enter Romania with their pets.

We will give all our support to find shelter, food and veterinary care for animals from families in need, regardless of their species

writes the association in a post on Facebook.
The foundation also added that they will support the families of poor animals, as human life is still the priority.

The association’s volunteers have to deal with truly sad situations every day. For example, poor families who enter through Siret customs, and therefore would like to leave Romania to travel to other countries such as Israel or India, are unable to bring their beloved pets with them.

At this point, the family members cry in tears to the volunteers of the association to look after their animals, and to find a good family to take care of their puppies. These are truly heartbreaking scenes.

The association does everything to help these poor families and their animals, thanks to their center that can accommodate up to 300 and a small sanctuary for large animals.

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