Puppies With Deformities Become Best Friends After They Are Adopted Together

Puppies With Deformities Become Best Friends After They Are AdoptedTogether

Friendship is a very important value for animals, especially for dogs. As in people, the most beautiful friendships are born when two souls have something that unites them, not only internally. Picasso and Newt are two little dogs who both have facial deformities, but after being adopted together, they became best friends.

Features in common

In 2007, Liesl Wilhardt, a woman from Oregon, United States, lost her brother Pablo. To fill that deep void left by mourning, the woman decided to adopt a poor dog in distress, and she adopted Picasso. He is not a dog like all the others, as he was born with a malformation in the face in which one part of the jaw grows more than the other, making the teeth visible from one side of the mouth.

Given Liesl’s deep love for animals, she decided to open a shelter, Luvable Dog Rescue. In 2021 she arrived at her Newt’s shelter, a poor puppy who was attacked by her own mother, losing her muzzle due to the bite.

Picasso loves Newt very much, as he is playful and sociable. As they grew up, the two loved each other more and more, until they became inseparable little dogs. I love both of them with all my heart, they are really intelligent, good and happy dogs

says Liesl.

The bond between these two dogs became very strong, becoming best friends. Liesl also said that the personalities that Picasso and Newt have, exceeds by 10 times that of the other dogs she has adopted in the shelter.

They are two funny and spontaneous dogs, capable of bringing joy at any time of the day. Given Liesl’s love for these two puppies

We are sure that Liesl will take care of all the dogs she has shelter, given his passion for animals and her kindness.

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