Dog Goes Viral For Looking Exactly Like Real-Life Chewbacca From “Star Wars”

Dog Goes Viral For Looking Exactly Like Real-Life Chewbacca From “StarWars”

His mistress says that on the street he is stopped by dozens of onlookers

There are dogs with such funny expressions that they seem to come straight from a fantasy film: this is the case of Proshka, a little dog who lives in Yorkshire with his mistress, and who has a decidedly exliarant look.

With her always sulky expression, her photos on Instagram have gone viral and users – in addition to complimenting the owner – have pointed out several times that her dog is identical to various characters: from the Gremlins of the grotesque saga of the same name to Chewbacca from “Star Wars”, from the gnomes of “Labyrinth”, the cult film of the 80s with David Bowie, to the Grinch.

But the mistress, Stefani Doherty, explained to the media that people notice the resemblance most to Chewbacca, Han Solo’s inseparable companion in the “Star Wars” saga: the first time this comparison was made was when Stefani took Proshka to the vet for the first time. Right there, she was told, “Hey, this puppy is a baby Chewbacca”. And even today, when the dog is two years old, he is stopped every time on the street by dozens of curious and amused people.

Proshka, however, assures Stefani, has only the expression pouting: it is actually a very sociable and carefree dog, who loves to receive attention and cuddles.

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