Persian Cat Who Lost Her Eyes After Being Neglected Becomes A TikTok Star

Persian Cat Who Lost Her Eyes After Being Neglected Becomes A TikTokStar

This adorable Persian cat who lost her eyes as a child has now become a TikTok star

A charming Persian cat who sadly went blind after being abandoned on the streets, she managed to find fame on social media and is now an internet star. Moet, as this eight-year-old feline is called, had her eyeballs removed when she was just a little girl on the streets of Oman.

Moet had to survive for a long time without food, water, and a safe place to sleep, ultimately leading to irreversible damage to her vision. When she was found she was in a dirty cage and only had a litter box.

The kitten was rescued by a local charity, and luckily, a few weeks later she was adopted by Emily Shotter, a Nottingham resident.


Since the feline was welcomed into a loving home, she has achieved worldwide fame and recognition. The videos of her where she can be seen enjoying herself being caressed and leaving gifts for her mother have been viewed millions of times on the internet.

One of her most popular videos shows the white-furred feline roaming the house at 3 AM as she cries sweetly as she passes. Emily thought it was fun to film her late-night adventures and post them on her Instagram account.

The woman remembers:

“I had no idea what to expect from a blind cat, but I thought he would be unable to navigate his environment and would be withdrawn and subdued. How wrong was I! When I got close to her, she purred at her like crazy and when I petted her, she turned around to get her belly rubbed.”

The fluffy 8-year-old feline has her own online store that donates 100% of the profits to Omani Paws, an organization that works to help many homeless animals, since there is no legislation that supports welfare animal in Oman, there is also no funding or support from the government.

Emily added:

“Moet’s voice on social media is important to us. Not only to show how amazing blind cats are, in the hope that more will be adopted, but also to show the plight of animals in Oman and to help other animals in need.”

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